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Why should I buy my olive oil online?

It is a proven fact that exposure to overhead fluorescent lights will negatively impact any olive oil. Although it offers better protection, even oil packed in a dark container can be noticeably affected in less than a week. For this reason alone, purchasing olive oil in a supermarket with its 24 hour light exposure is a less than desirable prospect.


What makes one olive oil better than another?

There are a many different factors, but the most important piece of information to know is the harvest date of the olives. Olive oil is perishable, so as an oil ages it will start to lose a lot of the health benefits and flavor properties that make it such a great product.

How should I store my olive oil?

Unlike many wines, which improve with age, olive oil is perishable and its flavor begins to deteriorate within a few months of milling. This decline is accelerated when the oil is exposed to heat, light or air, therefore we suggest you store them at room temperature, out of the light, and in air-tight containers. 

Why aren't your products certified organic?

We realized that by not pursuing organic certification, we would be able to support a broader base of farmers who have elected to produce their products sustainably and organically without being certified. While we understand that some people would pay extra for that option, we feel that our great tasting, healthy, quality products stand for themselves and are a little easier on your wallet.  

How long can I keep my olive oil?

According to the California Olive Oil Council, extra virgin olive oil is best used within 18 months from harvest. That's why knowing the harvest date is so valuable and why we list it on every bottle. As oxidation occurs naturally over time, it is best to use the oil up once it is open within the first 6 months.

Can you refill my empty bottle?

We do not offer a refill program because we cannot be certain the returned bottle is clean, sanitized and completely dry. This policy protects the quality of our products and overall customer health. 

What happens if a bottle breaks during shipment?

Though we hear tremendous amounts of praise for our packaging efforts, there is still a small chance that a box can get roughed up a bit on its way across the country. If you receive a box with a broken bottle, just send a picture of the damaged package and product to and we'll ship you a new one free of charge.